1. Individuals must register for the Corporate Challenge through their respective employed organization.

  2. Only members of registered participating organizations will be allowed to compete in the Corporate Challenge.

  3. Companies are allowed to register up to 100 employees in the challenge.

  4. Companies are allowed to enter a maximum of 3 teams. 

  5. Individual registrations cannot be traded or changed after May 17, 2019. 

  6. Organizations must provide registration document and fee no later than Friday, May 10, 2019.

  7. Individual/Staff participant registration forms for the Corporate Challenge must be filled out online, printed, and delivered to 13 West Kings House Road, Kingston 10 along with a copy of proof of employment (Staff/Company IDs or a signed letter by HR.)

  8. Organisation may add additional employee each race, however all forms must be submitted prior to each race or face a disadvantage of earning 0 points for those new entrants. 

  9. If physical forms are used they must be collected by company administrators and delivered to 13 West Kings House Road, Kingston 10 or scanned and emailed to



  1. Chip timing will be used to award points in the Corporate Challenge (Read about chip timing HERE)

  2. Participation points can be earned in both the ‘run’, ‘walk' & wheelchair category of all races.

  3. Where a race has different distances, bonus ‘performance’ points will only be awarded in the ‘run’ category of the 5K race (or shortest running distance), while ‘participation’ points will be awarded to persons who complete any distance in any category.

  4. Races can be added to the Corporate Challenge at any time during the Challenge.

  5. In the case that one or more races are added to the Challenge only the 5 highest scores of each participant will be used to calculate their total.


  1. To earn points individuals must register with their company team for each run.

  2. Participants who run without their bib will not be awarded points.

  3. Points will not be awarded to individuals for races they participated in before they registered for the Corporate Challenge.

  4. Individuals must participate in at least 3 of the Corporate Challenge races in order to qualify for prizes.

  1. Individual awards will be given to the top 10 male and female participants with the most points at the end of the Corporate Challenge.

  2. Other awards will be determined based on performance and level of participation in the Corporate Challenge.

  3. Organization performance will be calculated based on the amount of points their members have accumulated. The Organization that has accumulated the most points will be declared the Get Moving Corporate Challenge Champions!