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Meet the Challengers

Introducing the challengers in the first Get Moving Challenge. 

Everyone Should Workout 

Get Moving Challenger Nashauna Lalah speaks about how the challenge is inclusive and for everyone.

Week 1 Winner 

Julian Robinson, week 1 winner of the get moving challenge talks about how motivating and worth it the Challenge is.

Just start moving!

Nashauna talks about how you can start working out at home and then move outside. It is important for her to workout with a trainer because they will push her past her mental limits.

Food & Fitness

Julian shares the importance of nutrition for him on his fitness journey.

Push Yourself 

Nashauna talks about being pushed to do more exercise now that she can track her steps and because of the challenge.

Winning Week 2

Minister Tufton wins week 2 of the get moving challenge and encourages the other challengers to keep moving!

"Im coming for you!" 

Nashauna speaks about her game plan to catch up and beat the week 1 and 2 winners!