Managing Non-Communicable Diseases

There is a global pandemic happening right now in Jamaica, which seems to cause serious illness in people with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as:

lung disease, heart disease and diabetes.

Jamaica Moves wishes to remind those of us who are living with NCDs to continue to manage them and to stay healthy by doing these four key things:

1. Eat healthy.

Continue to eat the healthy diets that have been recommended to you. Drink water, avoid sugary drinks, salty and fatty foods and eat lots of vegetables and fruits - according to your doctor’s recommendation. A number of people with various NCDs such as high blood pressure (hypertension) or diabetes are urged to stick to specific diets.

2. Exercise from home.

Exercising is important to managing a number of NCDs and there are many ways to get in that much needed exercise from home. Walking in around your home is a great way to start. You may also do various aerobic exercises inside such as dancing. You can tend to your garden and move around. Just stay active.

3. Keep in touch with your doctor.

At the moment, everyone is being urged to stay at home if they feel sick. If you have a non-communicable disease, try to stay in touch with your doctor or a healthcare provider. Contact them and discuss what to do if you begin to feel otherwise ill.

4. Stay on top of your medication.

It is important to continue to take your medication as prescribed. If you have been asked to stay at home at this time, try to have adequate supplies to last you a few weeks.

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