3 Healthy Smoothies to try this Caribbean Nutrition Day

Good nutrition is important to staying healthy.

It gives us the energy we need, strengthens our immune systems and helps our bodies stay protected from viruses. Most importantly, our bodies can function function properly when we practise some of the basics of good nutrition such as:

  • Eating balanced meals containing all 6 food groups: fruits and vegetables, staples, food from animals, legumes and nuts and fats and oils.

But did you know that what you drink matters too? It's important to be careful of sugary drinks with little nutritional value.

  • And while water is always recommended, there are healthy juice and smoothie options too.

Jamaica Moves partnered with Lees Food Fair Ltd. to create these 3 healthy smoothie options, each packing a punch of nutrition that you can try today, Caribbean Nutrition Day.

Packed with mangoes, bananas and oranges, this smoothie is not only tasty and refreshing but has a host of vitamins and minerals that are good for healthy skin and hair.

It also contains almond milk which is low in sugar and dairy-free.

By blending together lettuce, cucumber, apple, banana and coconut water, this green treat is actually anything but basic.

The mix of fruits and vegetables can help remove toxins from the body, are loaded with anti-oxidants to help prevent certain diseases and the coconut water will help hydrate the body too.

And you can spice things up with this smoothie made with cinnamon, honey, almond milk, oats and banana.

This tasty smoothie, is jam-packed with energy and fibre to give you a much needed boost anytime of the day.

These smoothies that blend fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are great to add to any balanced diet. You may mix and arrange them with fruits, seeds and vegetables that you love; but whatever you choose, ensure that you do it in moderation/portions, choose nutritious food and drink options such as one of these three smoothies today.

Happy Caribbean Nutrition Day!

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