6 Feet Into Fitness: with Denesha Wright

it’s hard to stay healthy without the right motivation.

And from Zumba to yoga and kickboxing too, when it comes to exercise, the options are endless and it can be hard to choose.

So we’re making it easier to get you moving by a little Q&A with some of our Get Moving:Home Workout Series Instructors! We'll share tricks, tips and quips for everyone as we dive 6 feet into Fitness.

Today we hear from dance teacher and fitness enthusiast, Denesha Wright about children and fitness. She’s a part of a popular dance group, so dancing is her lifestyle and she believes it’s just one of the awesome ways to get kids moving.

1/ What do you enjoy most about exercising on the television show JA Moves:Home Workout series?

As a dance teacher I tend to spend a lot of time fixing my students and making sure their form is correct so I don’t always do the exercises in their entirety. Working out on the Get Moving Series solves that, lol! I have to do every single exercise completely and I get to share my energy with those watching. Knowing I am a part of a series helping to build a healthier Jamaica is absolutely rewarding!

2/ What would you describe as the best exercise for children?

The best exercise for children would be jumping jacks. This particular exercise can be classified as full body exercise. Doing some jumping jacks daily can help to build strength, keep the hearth healthy, help with coordination and also relieve stress.

3/ Why should children exercise?

Exercise is very important for the development of the body and the brain. Children need exercise to help them function better in school, which is why Physical Education is included in the curriculum. Exercise improves their immune system as well which helps to reduce the number of times they catch the flu and other viruses.

Parents should definitely get involved and workout with their children! This is such a motivational tool for children and it will also give the parents a chance to de-stress and keep fit while spending quality time with their children.

4/ What can parents do to motivate their children to get moving?

In this new technology age it’s hard to get children away from the tablets and the gadgets. In order to motivate them to actually get moving, parents can offer a reward of screen time AFTER they get moving.

They can also offer other rewards such as their favourite meal (preferably home cooked) if they win a challenge. Of course another way to motivate is simply to get moving with them!

5/ Nutrition is just as important, if not more important, than physical activity - after exercising, what do you suggest for children to eat?

One of the most nutritious and inexpensive food is…boiled egg! Yep! You would be surprised to know the amount of nutrients that are in boiled eggs and how beneficial they are. Children can also get into green juices and smoothies.

For those who don’t like drinking green juice (it’s honestly an acquired taste lol), parents can get popsicle trays, pour the juices into trays, freeze them to make healthy popsicles then give them as a nice cool snack! Thank me later, lol.

6/ Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids:

  • Improves memory

  • Strengthens your heart

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Increases blood flow

  • Reduces strains and pain

Here is a simple and safe activity that is safe and can be done in a small space:

Jogging on the spot!

Let us start after 3.

1,2,3 jog slowly.....now increase the pace.

A little more.

Okay take it down a bit.

How do you feel?

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